Live Target Sunfish / Bluegill Hollow Body Topwater Lure

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The Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Sunfish / Bluegill Topwater Lure is ideal for largemouth bass and Northern Pike. The perfect weapon for fishing around thick slop, the Live Target Hollow Body Sunfish invites bass to an easy meal with its precise sunfish imitation. Appetizing with a fast and slow retrieve, the Live Target Hollow Body Sunfish delivers a tempting 180-degree swing with a steady twitch and a trail of bubbling attraction with a quick wind.

Sizes: 3", 3.5"
Color: Natural Olive Bluegill, Natural Blue Pumpkinseed, Florescent Pumpkinseed, Pearl Olive Pumpkinseed, Natural Green Bluegill, Blue Yellow Pumpkinseed, Bronze Pumpkinseed, Green Bronze Pumpkinseed, Copper Pumpkinseed, Blue Metallic Bluegill, Olive Metallic Bluegill, Midnight Metallic Bluegill