Yamamoto 4" Fat Ika

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Yamamoto Baits 4" Fat Ika is a unique soft plastic bait that replicates the action of a bluegill or crawdad. It is a great bed fishing bait. The Gary Yamamoto 4"" Fat Ika has the look of a tube bait but the fall rate of a bulkier heavy bait. The Fat Ika has a skirted bottom and the body of a grub. As it falls, it has a built-in side to side motion.

Size: 4"
Colors: Black Red Flake, Green Pumpkin Black Flake, Green Pumpkin Green Purple Flake, Light Watermelon, Pumpkin Black Flake, Smoke Silver Flake, Watermelon Black Red Flake, Watermelon Gold Black Flake