Strike King Red Eye Shad Tungsten 2-Tap Lipless Rattle Trap

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The Tungsten 2-Tap Lipless Rattletrap takes the Red Eye Shad's strongest feature to another level. Instead of using standard free floating rattles, the Strike King 2-Tap is built. The unique sound that the Tungsten 2 Tap Lipless Rattletrap produces has been proven to trigger fish to bite that otherwise may not have. A great choice for pressured fishing conditions, the subtle change in sound can make all the difference on tournament day. Like the original Red Eye Shad, Strike King's Tungsten 2-Tap Lipless Rattletrap features the perfect shad-imitating body profile, with pro-designed paint jobs, large 3D red eyes, and premium VMC Vanadium Cone Cut Hooks.

Size: 1/2oz
color: Albino Craw, Chartreuse Belly Craw, Chrome Black, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Chili Craw, Chrome Blue, Gold Black Back, Green Tomato, Chrome Sexy Shad, Natural Bream, Orange Bream, Orange Belly Craw, Orange Craw, Natural Shad, Royal Purple, Royal Red, Sexy Shad, Silver TN Shad