Live Target Yearling Baitball Squarebill

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Replicates the yearling baitfish chased into a compact baitball. Made using Live target's revolutionary baitball technology, the Livetargets Yearling Baitball Squarebill Crankbait provides a spot-on imitation of a small group of yearling erratically searching for the sanctuary of their baitball. This multi-faceted design reflects light in all directions and produces more flash than traditional crankbait designs. Ideal when Yearling Baitball Squarebill Crankbait, Walleye, and Northern Pike feed on tiny baitfish around rock and wood. It can dive to depth 3-4 foot.

Size: 1-7/8", 2-3/8"
Color: Pearl Olive Shad, Chartreuse Black